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Here at Equitable Stewardship for Artists, we see how the British acting scene is in charge of the important roles in film and entertainment.

Actors and directors from affluent backgrounds continue to dominate the theater industry, despite efforts to increase the number of working class and ethnic minority performers, a report warns.

The House of Lords Communications committee says, “Even more needs to be done to attract a broader range of talent reflecting the reality of contemporary British society.”

Its report, published on Wednesday, finds that actors educated at private schools, along with those backed by families affluent enough to help them financially, are still “disproportionately represented” in the entertainment industry.

Lord Best, the committee’s chairman, said:

“We were told that, despite efforts by the theatres, those able to benefit from private education and financial support from parents are disproportionately represented in this industry.”

The committee’s report, which follows an inquiry into developing future talent, is also critical of cuts to arts funding which it fears will narrow the pool from which the arts industry – worth an estimated £7.7 billion a year to the UK economy – can draw.

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