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Equitable Stewardship For Artists (ESA) is a Talent Agency in Los Angeles that helps movie, actor, writers, and film professional services.

Are British Actors Running the Film Industry?

Here at Equitable Stewardship for Artists, we see how the British acting scene is in charge of the important roles in film and entertainment. Actors and directors from affluent backgrounds continue to dominate the theater industry, despite efforts to increase... Continue Reading →

Top Transgender Actors Telling Their Story

Transgender is a big issue for the film industry and the entertainment industry as a whole. Equitable Stewardship for Artists embraces the changes and help with the assist to the cause. Hollywood is facing backlash around casting a transgender role.... Continue Reading →

Wonder Woman is Finally Releasing with Some Hype.

Wonder woman is such a great film, and everyone at equitable stewardship for artists can't wait for audiences everywhere to enjoy the action packed film experience. Wonder Woman has been around since 1941, introduced to the comics only three years after... Continue Reading →

New Blad Runner 2049 Trailer is Finally Here

If you don't know the classic Blade Runner film, you need to go watch that first, then come back here. The original Blade Runner invented a vibe. Ridley Scott’s 1982 vision of a futuristic Los Angeles was drab and oppressively... Continue Reading →

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is Expected to Make a lot of Money on the Opening Weekend

I think everyone here at ESA talent agency is excited for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie to come out. Whether it's crazy pirates or unique storytelling, the new film should have something for all ages. After the huge... Continue Reading →

Vin Diesel Now Worth $6 Billion In 2017

Image source: Indian Express Vin Diesel is one of the most successful performers in the world, coming in at #7 last year on Forbes' list of 2016's highest-paid actors. His huge paydays are a result of box office performance few... Continue Reading →

Star Wars: The Last Jedi director on Kylo Ren Changes

Coming off a jarring number of loving and adoring fans at Star Wars Celebration, The Last Jedi director has found himself having to defend himself for what he thought was a minor alteration. In the week since The Last Jedi’s trailer made its debut at... Continue Reading →

Game Of Thrones actor Michael McElhatton has a role in Justice League

For those of you who don't know, the Justice League is a team of superheroes from the DC universe. In a recent interview, Michael McElhatton said, “There’s probably going to be a lot more humor in it, I think would... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man: Homecoming New Trailer in Finally Out The turnover rate for Spider-Man movies is like hiring for retail, but that doesn’t mean we’ve had forgettable Spider-Men. Tom Holland takes on the web-slinger in his first official solo effort as Spidey in the Marvel-Sony deal – but... Continue Reading →

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